About Us

Who Are We?

We are the new kids on the block! We are young designers and entrepreneurs all hungry for success. As a generation, we were among the first to grow up with computers, the internet and all that comes with it. Within our backgrounds we have learned from first principles how to use these tools to create designs that were not possible before. Since we’re young and google our way through every unanswered problem anyhow, it is easy for us to learn new highly specialized skills and adapt to every unique project.

Why Do We Do This?

We started this company to bring our ambitions of working completely digital to live. Working in the cloud allows us to work whenever, wherever! We are a mix of strong creative and business minds trying to escape the cubicles in large office buildings and get inspired by the world around us. This inspiration makes the quality of our infographic designs reach higher levels.

What Do We Want?

With Infographic Designer Studio we want to explore the boundaries and further develop what we as a generation have witnessed growing more and more dominantly into our lives; instant information display! The importance of infographics in particular has grown massively in areas such as education, business and social media marketing, promotion of consumables, process description, location maps and so on. We want to be part of this transition and enrich the industry with fresh, creative designs made by the first subjects of this industry.

Our Sales Team

Rutger Bell

Account Manager

Sophie Verbakel

Project Manager