High Quality Infographics For An Affordable Price!

Why An Infographic?


Roughly 90% of information processed by a human brain is visual. Since it takes your brain only a couple of milliseconds to process an image, your message is much more likely to come across when presented visually.


Sharing your message with the world is vital for boosting your audience. Infographics lend themselves perfectly for sharing as they can be multiplied and distributed easily both online and on paper.


Contrary to plain text, it is easy to separate the main message from the details on an infographic by rightly focusing the attention first on the most important bits of information.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality At An Affordable Price.

You don’t want to pay outrageous prices or receive a plain and basic infographic. At Infographic Designer Studio we do neither. We create high-quality infographics for an affordable price.


By putting all information on an infographic it’s very clear and easy to read.  At IDS we understand that attractiveness and readability are the cornerstones of an engaging infographic.

Fast delivery process

Need the infographic fast? We can deliver an infographic in 72 hours if needed for a small fee, so you never miss a deadline again! Just let us know in the form.

Price efficient

Big agencies tend to charge a lot for researching your company and writing your message. We cut this out of our design process to make infographics fast and affordable so all business can exploit.

Satisfaction guarantee

An infographic package always comes with a predetermined number of revisions. If you’re not happy after the first version, you can ask for a revision with a maximum of 3 times.

Perfect For:


The best way to teach children and teenagers involved concepts is by visualization.

Social Media Marketing

The essence of your product, service or event must be clear faster than someone can swipe to make an impact on the web.

Food promotion

What looks more tasty than a picture or graphic of your delicious meal with tags on all delicious ingredients.


Explaining all detailed steps of a lengthy process is hard to do verbally. Show what is up next with a visual aid!

Not sure whether your message comes across on an infographic?

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Acquiring An Infographic Is Easy!

This Is The Process

1. Form

Directly after you purchase your infographic, you will receive an email from us with a form where you can fill in all important details!

2. Receive First Version

After we have finished our first version of your infographic, we will send it to you by email.

3. Revision If Needed

Please reply to our email noting all changes that you see necessary. We will adopt those changes and send you a revision soon after.

4. Final Version Delivery

When you’re satisfied with your infographic, let us know via email and show the world your newest creation!


We are happy to answer all questions you may have. You can always send us an email at info@infographicdesignerstudio.com. For more elaborate questions or consultation you can also click the button on the right to plan a 15-30 minute online meeting with someone from our team at a moment that suits you best. In this meeting we can discuss all options, doubts and details. To be most efficient, please shortly describe your questions already on the ‘Enter details’ page that follows!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start?

Once you know which package you’d like to purchase you click on the ‘add to cart’ button. You will then be directed to our payment processing page. After that you will gain an email containing the form and the invoice. You should fill in the form and we will start designing for you!

What does ‘premium support’ mean?

If you choose our diamond package, we want to make sure that every last word matches your message perfectly. Next to our normal services, we can go over the text on the datapoints that you provided and give a recommendation on how to make your text even more engaging. You are in no way obliged to adopt our advice but it can never hurt to have an experienced eye take an extra look.

What does ‘commercial use’ mean?

For almost all types of digital content, there is a difference between using your content personally, such as for a school project, and using your content as a marketing tool for financial gain. Specific criteria (such as using the right software licenses) need to be met before one can use an infographic for commercial purposes. Take this into account when choosing your package!

What if I don’t like the outcome of the first version of the infographic?

Once we deliver the first outcome of your infographic you can make 2 or 3 rounds of changes free of charge depending on your package. Our experience is that with good communication and two rounds of revisions, (almost) all of our customers are happy with their new attention magnet.

Talk To Someone First?

Send an email to info@infographicdesignerstudio.com or